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Need to Prevent Patient Care Risk?

Our portfolio of research-based assessments provide reliable, personalized, and prioritized learning plans for guided education that focuses the clinician on areas for improvement within the clinical setting.  Assessments are designed to screen and measure improvements.  




We offer clinical risk assessments that have been tested by outside consultants and shown as highly consistent and reliable (0.99 Cronbach alpha).  If you need to assess risks that are specific to your organization, we can develop customized assessments or upload your existing assessments.

Perinatal Learner Assessments


Obstetricians are impacted more than all other medical specialties by medical malpractice claims. Labor & Delivery units are a major source of liability for hospitals.

Primary Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) Assessment

This is an initial assessment for all clinicians from novice to expert that gauges the learner’s EFM cognitive abilities and application of EFM principles based on NICHD terms and guidelines.

Maintenance EFM Assessment

This is a subsequent learner assessment for experienced clinicians that determines the capacity of learners’ ongoing, advanced-level skills at identifying and responding to EFM-related complications that impact patient safety.

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Provider Burnout Learner Assessment


Healthcare professionals are under more stress than ever before. This high level of stress leads to burnout. Stress and burnout affect the quality of patient care and lead to increased adverse events and medical malpractice claims.

The Provider Burnout Learner Assessment has been designed to allow clinicians to assess their stress levels to detect if they are coping well with practice pressures or moving toward burnout. Each question is ranked with a risk severity score of low/moderate/high. Risk is applied based on the potential towards burnout that could lead to patient safety concerns.

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Your Organization's Assessments

We will work with you to upload your organization's existing assessments and support materials onto our platform so that you can assess your clinicians on your organization's most important issues.

Custom Assessments

Our team of professionals and subject-matter experts will collaborate with you to develop customized assessments spanning a variety of topics and specialties to meet the needs of your organization. Custom assessments enable you to do automated or on-the-job assessments that provide benchmark metrics on the issues most relevant to your organization.