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What is MI

3D Learning

Comprehensive Risk Management & Patient Safety Education

Medical Interactive is carefully engineered to transform clinical staff training. Our eLearning Platform provides assessments, learning paths, and multi-dimensional curriculum to help medical professionals practice safely. Our system generates analytics so that Risk Management, Patient Safety, and Frontline Medical Directors can track learner progress.

Our approach to patient safety and healthcare risk management integrates a three-dimensional assessment into a four-step risk improvement process.

3D Learning

Our 3-Dimensional Assessments

Traditional testing uses a binary approach to individual training regimens, namely: correct and incorrect answers. MI measures the depth of knowledge by correlating correct and incorrect answers with clinical risk implications, and weighs responses based on risk-severity of the chosen clinical decision.

Our experts target predominant areas of clinical risk and distill the materials to present powerful liability assessments. The following elements are incorporated into these assessments and help hospitals and healthcare facilities mitigate their risk.

3-D Assessments

1. Level of Risk Severity

MI has utilized guidance established by the National Patient Safety Organization to assign risk severity levels to each assessment question (low, medium, high). This coefficient is used to determine the potential impact of incorrect responses.

2. Key Risk Exposure Areas

After analyzing decades of medical malpractice claim data from national sources such as the Joint Commission, Medical Professional Liability Association, and patient safety organizations, MI has discerned five key areas of clinical risk exposure. These areas represent the majority of adverse events and unfavorable patient outcomes that result in medical liability claims. These potential risks are strategically imbedded in every assessment question.

3. Learner Response Accuracy

This foundation is similar to any standardized test, in that we determine correct and incorrect responses, but we build on this data by correlating the response accuracy with key areas of clinical risk.

MI® Learning Paths Offer a 4-Step Risk Management Process

Learning Path

Initial Assessment

Assess to Identify Clinical Risks

The Learning Path begins with an initial assessment. The questions are discretely grouped into the five key areas of clinical risk and weighted by risk severity. The results generate a report that establish the practitioner’s baseline knowledge and identifies opportunities for individual improvement. This helps each healthcare professional attain a greater understanding of how their clinical responses may affect patient safety outcomes.


Targeted Remediation

Improve Individual Patient Safety and Knowledge

An individualized selection of courses is generated based on the initial assessment results. Each user is provided with Highly Recommended, Recommended and/or Suggested courses to target gaps in patient safety knowledge and help develop new risk management strategies.


Knowledge into Practice

Incorporate new Knowledge into Practice

After the clinician completes the assigned courses, they are given time to incorporate learned strategies at the bedside. This time allows managers and educators to observe practices, instruct at the bedside and improve team skills.


Follow-Up Assessment

Reassess to Gauge Knowledge Retention

A follow-up assessment is provided to compare initial results and evaluate the retention of risk and patient safety strategies. For any remaining opportunities identified by the post-assessment, post-activities are offered to ensure continued progress and development.