Assess Risk. Improve Outcomes.

Our transformative education aligns with evidence-based care patterns and guidelines that empower clinicians to reduce risk of medical malpractice and improve patient safety.
We work with all types of healthcare organizations, large and small, to reduce clinical risk.

and Health Systems

Leverage learner data to analyze clinician risk knowledge trends.

Medical Group

Use learning results data to rectify identified risks and implement safe processes.

Medical Professional
Liability Insurers

Assign risk management education to clinicians to reduce risks identified in learner assessments.

Individual Medical

Take CME, CNE, AAPA, AANP or MOC-approved courses.
Start Learning

Educate Providers. Protect Patients.

After completing our eLearning, clinicians note a 30% increase in patient safety knowledge.

We Empower Clinicians to Provide Safer Patient Care

Improve Provider Interactions
Prevent Provider Burnout
Prevent Patient Falls
Improve Controlled Substance Prescribing
Enhance EFM Interpretation Skills
Reduce Diagnostic Errors