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Internet CME Compliance

ACCME Compliance Statement for Internet CME

Medical Interactive Community, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LAMMICO.

LAMMICO/Medical Interactive is the CME provider for these activities. The following is our statement of compliance for Internet CME. 

  1. LAMMICO/Medical Interactive shall adhere to the policy framework of online Internet activities or enduring material as defined by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. 
  2. CME activities delivered via the Internet are expected to be in compliance with ACCME Essential Areas, Elements, and Policies. 
  3. All required ACCME information must be transmitted to the learner prior to the learner beginning the CME activity. All new CME activities released on or after January 1, 2008 must conform to this policy. Existing CME activities that are reviewed and re-released after January 1, 2008 must conform to this policy. 
  4. There shall be no LAMMICO/Medical Interactive CME activities on a pharmaceutical or device manufacturer’s product website. 
  5. Learners will be clearly notified that they are leaving the educational website when links from the website lead to pharmaceutical and device manufacturers’ product websites. In addition, links may exist before or after the educational content of a CME activity, but shall not be embedded in the educational content of a CME activity. 
  6. Advertising of any type is prohibited within the educational content of CME activities on the Internet including, but not limited to, banner ads, subliminal ads, and pop-up window ads. 
  7. At the start of each Internet CME activity, the hardware and software required for the learner to participate will be identified. 
  8. There will be a mechanism in place for the learner to be able to contact the provider if there are questions about the Internet CME activity. 
  9. LAMMICO will adhere to, and inform the learner about its policy on privacy and confidentiality that relates to the CME activities it provides on the Internet. 
  10. Documentation will be provided upon request that LAMMICO/Medical Interactive owns the copyright for, or has received permissions for use of, or is otherwise permitted to use copyrighted materials within a CME activity on the Internet.